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It’s not your fault unless you choose to not act. Where to start? Get an objective opinion.

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What Are My Options?

College was your dream.

Is it your child’s hope? Alternatives to forcing a fit with formal education (at least for now).

Explore a Gap Year

You are not alone.

But you might be unsure how to help your loved one heal (without blowing a gasket in the process). It’s scary to hear the person you care about is troubled, not fitting in, failing to adjust or abusing their bodies. BUT are you ready to help? The number one reason the process fails is denial, and placing your anger in the past, not focusing on forging a new future. It starts with a confidential evaluation of your very personalized situation. Then we choose the right tools, like those below, to start having an immediate effect.

Wilderness Programs

A change in scenery, a change in accountability, and you see a change.

Therapeutic Boarding School

The right classroom and teaching style for the best results.

Transitional Living

Programs that help your child become independent, productive adults.

Gap Year

Not everyone is ready for college right away, they can still grow up and lead.


A wake up call so that your loved one is present and on the plan.

Family Support

Guidance for the entire family, not just the person in crisis.

Mental Health Wellness

Recovery coaching for the mind in addition to the body.

A Reality/Sanity Check for Parents/Caregivers.

Denial about a crisis (even a temporary one) or enablement as a substitute for real help because of shame or guilt is, unfortunately, the common starting point. Our program is built to provide more than just placement. It starts with an honest conversation with our founder, someone who has been in your shoes and survived. Susan asks that you consider the four key steps before reaching out. We’re ready to help – but you need to be ready to act.

Step 1: Understand the Situation

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Step 2: Intake and Evaluation

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Step 3: Initiate Recovery

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Step 4: Reintegration

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Get in touch today after reading our founder’s four key considerations.  Step 1: Understanding The Situation

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What Our Customers Say

“We have just returned from picking up our son at a program. The graduation was fantastic and we could not be more proud of the progress we have seen our son make. It is as if we dropped off a kid and picked up a young man. We really appreciate your help and guidance.”

Parents of a teenage son

“We could not have done any of this without either of you. Honestly, you have rescued our family and helped us get our daughter back.”

Mother of young adult daughter