But you might be unsure how to help your loved one heal (without blowing a gasket in the process). It’s scary to hear the person you care about is troubled, defiant, not fitting in, failing to adjust, abusing their body or has a failure to launch. BUT are you ready to help? The number one reason the process fails is denial, and placing your anger in the past, not focusing on forging a new future.

It starts with a confidential discussion of your very personalized situation with someone who’s walked in your shoes, and who will support you and your family every step of the journey. Based on that candid dialogue, Forging Futures will recommend a variety of options, directing you to the finest programs and clinical professionals nationwide, enabling you to select the most appropriate approach to meet your specific family needs. We help cut through the clutter, getting your family the support it needs when time is of the essence.

Below is just a sampling of the various treatment opportunities available, where comprehensive evaluation leads to therapies providing the greatest impact.


Wilderness Programs

A change in scenery, a change in accountability – and you see a change.


A wake-up call so that your loved one is present and driving the plan.


The right classroom and teaching style for the best results.


Programs that help your child or loved one become independent, productive adults.


Not everyone is ready for college right away. However, they can still grow up and learn to lead.