Looking for ‘Likes’: Teens and Social Media Addiction

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Teens’ relationship to social media addiction is a big topic today. Teenagers are among the biggest consumers of social media—but is it consuming them? Scientists are discovering an increasing number of troubling links between …

Poor Little Rich Kids: How Mental Health Is Affecting The Next Generation

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Mental health has been called the biggest unaddressed health challenge of our age, and those most at risk often sit at the two extremes of the socioeconomic spectrum. Michael Finnigan investigates 

When Texan …

Pittsburgh creates community action plan for teen mental health

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Above image: This real-time visual representation of the city-wide assembly on adolescent behavioral health was created by graphic illustrator Leah Silverman. 

Of all the thorny problems faced by teenagers and their still-developing brains, mental …

Step 3: Initiate Recovery

Activate Participation In Treatment

We can’t promise that treatment will “fix” your loved one, but that it will help set them up for positive change. We have relationships with hundreds of programs, both domestic and abroad, to provide an environment …