Forging Futures to Attend Youth Connect Anxiety/Depression Panel

On Friday, March 9, we plan to attend a Youth Connect mini-summit at the Sewickley YMCA, entitled, “Signs, Signals, & Support: Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents.”  Youth Connect is  a Sewickley organization that works to provide the information, resources and support our young people need to avoid risky behaviors and enjoy their teen years.

Slated to appear on the panel are: Dr. Debrin Goubert, psychiatrist and owner of Sewickley Mental Health Associates; Paula S. McCommons, EdD, director of the STAR Center at UPMC; Patrick McElfresh, PhD, a researcher from the University of Pittsburgh; and Sheree Kaiser, MSW, LSW, from Staunton Clinic.

Chances are, your adolescent or young adult child has experienced feelings of anxiety and depression at some point throughout his or her life. Anxiety and depression have become widespread due to social pressures and pressure to excel in school.

Many of the families we work with at Forging Futures face challenges that stem from anxiety and depression, so we are constantly looking to partner with and exchange ideas with those in the mental health profession in Pittsburgh.

If you’re interested in attending this panel to ask questions or just want to listen, come to the YMCA Community Activity Center in Sewickley at 10:30 am on Friday.