Step 2: Intake and Evaluation

Creating A Customized Action Plan

You’ve agreed it’s time to act, but we can’t just place your loved one in any program. There is NO universal action plan. We need your help in providing the history of what events and circumstances may have contributed to the current state of affairs.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Caretaker details
  • Family dynamics
  • Current environment/rituals
  • Lifestyle/activities/interests/passions of person in crisis
  • Medical history
  • Treatment attempts/history
  • Legal issues
  • Friends/Circle of support

We’ll also focus on a healthy plan for the caretaker, and others willing to help, regarding what support looks like. In parallel, we’ll evaluate what level of help you might need to transform anger, guilt, shame and frustration into constructive tools for future conversations that accelerate growth and healing, and don’t hamper the person impacted. This is a precursor to reintegration plans which are often where programs fail again and again once a recovery state has been initiated.

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