Step 3: Initiate Recovery

Activate Participation In Treatment

We can’t promise that treatment will “fix” your loved one, but that it will help set them up for positive change. We have relationships with hundreds of programs, both domestic and abroad, to provide an environment that starts to heal, while still challenging and providing leadership/life skills. This is by no means a vacation, but it’s a way to unlock the potential and positive contributions your loved one is capable of making.


  • Sparking accountability without eliminating vulnerability
  • Counseling towards taking responsibility for their actions
  • Embedding them in the right program to stabilize, then heal
  • Giving them the tools to identify relapse or avoid repeat negative behaviors
  • Helping them process the hurt/pain caused
  • Giving them the tools to help others


  • Breaking through denial
  • Eliminating enablement
  • Providing clear and succinct direction on an action plan
  • Saving hours of research and wasted consideration on misaligned programs
  • Counseling on keeping the existing family unit/community intact
  • Supporting techniques while the person in crisis is receiving help
  • Most importantly, reintegration coaching and guidance

Programs can last days, weeks or months, and we can’t guarantee that insurance will cover all or any of the suggested path/s to recovery. We ask that you be realistic and upfront with what you’re willing/able to invest in the recovery to help us shape the most appropriate path forward.

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