Step 4: Welcome Back

Continue To Utilize New Skills

We often forget that the root cause of the crisis may have been buried in the dynamics or the environment in which that person was living and to which they’re now returning. Part of the program will teach tools and processes to provide the best chance of continued recovery and a path forward. Additionally, while the person impacted is in a program, you’ll be assisted with further guidance to help you create a welcoming and kind environment, in addition to spending time working through anger and frustration that are often the trigger that causes relapse.


You’ll learn techniques and guidance on identifying the difference between helping someone help themselves vs. creating an easy path for that person not to put in the work, and become less accountable for their own success.


Are you seeing signs that something is STILL off? It may be you have unrealistic expectations, but it also might be that you’re without the tools to evaluate if someone is just different and trying – or really in trouble again. You’ll learn the tools you need to understand the difference.

Reality Check

We may have to try again. The reality is that not everyone is ready to get healthy the first time around. We have proven methods from hundreds of placements and people informed by the process, but there are no guarantees.

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